ignorance is bliss

by Adventure Adventure

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"Ignorance Is Bliss"
Adventure Adventures first full length.
Physical: (comes with instant download)

13 new songs. 12 orginals, Justin Seabolt is returning to deliver the most impressive cover he has done for us yet, & Chris Burrows guest vocals on "Think Happy Thoughts"!

Showing the most flow yet, this full length captures something the string of ep's before it just dont. The balance of folk and punk on this is something Adventure Adventure has been searching for some time.


Recorded by Jon Boylan
Art by Justin Seabolt
Adventure Adventure 2012


released June 3, 2012

"I am not going to die like this!" what I remember lyrically from this record. The song, 'Gasstanks.' has some hot guitar riffage, nothing is too long to have the time to get annoying. The two bands that my mind thought of while listening were The Violent Femmes and The Dead Milkmen. I would call those good comparisons.
- Travis Shettel of Piebald



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Adventure Adventure Asheville, North Carolina


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Adventure Adventure

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Track Name: work against the world
Work Against the World
I was just a baby, the last time I played this guitar. I had no idea what I was doing, no idea what I was doing. I was 17, had I not just started messing around with drugs. I kissed a girl, I met Matt, and that's when everything just changed. And the important things, back then, that were never instilled in me. Those were the things that made me who I am, and the things I do today. And. Now. I know what this must look like from afar, but i guess it is something only we could understand. This is no white flag; I'm not saying I don't care. I've just lost the will to work against the world. When I was arrested I was dressed in green. They locked me up and threw away the key. When I went up for parole, the offered me a deal. They say we'll set you free if you work against the world.
Track Name: swells like hell 2
Swells Like hell 2
My head barely breaks the surface, just enough to see the shore. You must have looked the other direction, and I caught a glimpse of home. I am not gonna die like this. Paddle your arms just a little bit faster, the waves above our heads are tearing at our throats. Pins us down, till the weight of the water is killing both of us. I am not gonna die like this. I had to go away a while; I hope no one here is mad. I had to try a new direction; things just were not working out. And I am not gonna die like that. I am not gonna die like that. Don't ever trust the ocean; don't ever trust the sea. it's a battle that you will and win, and will end up killing me. And I will die alone, without you, in our swells like hell.
Track Name: all you hoped
All You Hoped
My tummy has been eating itself, ever since we left from Boone. And i might just float away, as my clothes fall off of my fucking bones. i don't need your apologies, what I need is a little trust. Build a house out of windows, and hopefully maybe then you'll see the light. And there's lots of glass to cut someone, when you need to win a fight. i don't need your apologies, what I need to know is that it was all you hoped. Cause love is all I ever think of, love, love, love. Love is all I dare to think. Things were never the same, after we left that town. Those mountains will mend that heart for sure. And i did everything I wanted, while i was there. Except for one.
Track Name: hell of an adventure
Hell Of An Adventure
I had a dream everything worked out in the end, where we all had remained friends. It was perfect and sureal. Funny how wer'e different; every time we meet, you can leave that shit in the street. you were the motion I lived by; it was a hell of an adventure. I harand idea, as it were. About when the fucking world was our cause, was our reason. We ahve it all, so don't kid yourself for one more second, without saying what's true. That you are lucky for the shoes you're in, whether it should be you.
Track Name: gasstanks
Gas Tanks
Nothing. Nothing at all. Cars wheels turning over and over in my dream and in my head. Brigtly driven colors that move so fast, they wish us dead. And we are all just digging a hole now, and it will get deeper and deeper and never filled. nothing. Nothing at all. Graffit is covered, and gas prices rise to no fucking end! Violet the color of honesty is cleaned and ripped to shreds. And we are all just spinning our wheels now. And they will spin over and over and over until it ends.
Track Name: stage graves
State Graves
Take my lead, take my lead, around the corner. Where my song book exploded, after falling from the roof of Terry's car. And how could I have known, if I had not forgot my phone. That my life's wrk was destroyed on the highway. so this is the misery you spoke of about not cutting your hair. And letting grow down to New Mexico, in a nasty nest of thorns. And we could leave the east behind, once and for all. Take my lead, take my lead, around the corner. Where my song book exploded, after falling from the roof of Terry's car. And how could I have known, if I had not forgot my phone. That my life's work was destroyed, on the highway.
Track Name: movie night
Movie Night
Apparently I have the darkness inside of me. It's in everything i do. Opens to the powers of suggestion, telling me things I already knew. Personality, personally, leaves me more every single day. Triggering people in me that I never thought I'd be. So where does that leave me, now that I've found my fountain of youth. As my heart beats, slower and slower, the older it knows to do. We go hand in hand my love, it opens us up. To just fel better, to just ahve something that lasts.
Track Name: think happy thoughts
Think Happy Thoughts
It's time to let the past go, it should do me some good. No more smoking, no more stealing, and work harder like I should. To let the future rise, simple prints of an opossum outside. Walks into the wild, and disappears to the quickest eye. Think happy thoughts, and the will save you when it really counts the most. Think happy thoughts, and they live on and on and on and on and on. We came here for the drinks, isn't that just the life of the party? i don't know what I'd do without the fucking bar. To let the future rise, simple prints of an opossum outside. Walks into the wild, disappears to the hquickest eye. Think happy thoughts, and they will save you when it really counts the most. Thinking happy thoughts, and they will live on and on and on and on and on.
Track Name: a letter to me
A Letter to Me
On thing about me I must say. That I never took the way, the easy fucking way. Have a glass of water, you have proven yourself incapable of control. This is all that you're entitlted to now, from here and until then, whenever that may be. And to my love, I will never stop loving you. My family, the bane of my existence to what I see. That sad enough, my name disgraces even me.
Track Name: you may already be an anarchist
You May Already Be an Anarchist
I am a timeline, working on something that gave m ywhole life eanings. And I, I would say that's worth working for. This is the only voice that i've ever known, and I don't see that changing at All. I would say that's working for. 'Cause this doesn't belong to anyone, anywhere at all. We all must just need more love. I am a timeline, working on something a whole lot biggr than me. Can't you see that at all? We wrote our own music and performed it for each other. So when we hummed it to ourselves we'd celebrate our companions. Our creativity, rather than the radio's dull drone. We are a time line, fucking it up for everyone to come. You have a different sense of comfort than I have. how do you sleep at night; how do you look into the mirror; how do you live with yourself?!
Track Name: quit everything
Quit Everything / Stop Lying to yourself
Why didn't I think of this until now. That the one should not receive, if alone is meant to be. receive alone. Why didn't I think of this until now...that my goal is unattainable. It's crushing to even me. Why didn't I think of this until now. I'm a fool. Now the only thing I can hope for, a better world. if it's just start changing at all. Then we would just feel certain, we'd quit our jobs and find what we're looking for.